Cristina, Founder & CEO

I’m Serious, reliable, energetic, but above all I give it my all! I was born in Milan, I come from a family of entrepreneurs; I’m a taurus, stubborn and resolute. The result? In 2003 I fulfilled my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and I founded NextEvent, the first division of the agency.

The dedication and attention I pay to my customers is reflected in the wonderful team who accompanies me, day after day, inside the chaotic – at times completely crazed – but always fascinating world of event organizing.

A world whose energy, vitality, and emotional appeal, have led us, in time, to include more and more services leading, in 2020, to the achievement of the dream of opening an additional division.

The year of the Pandemic didn’t stop me; in fact, it made it possible for me to drive my heart beyond that obstacle, believing in it until the bitter end. The result? In 2021 Viganotti Events, the event boutique, was finally created.

I have a beautiful teenage daughter, I cook, I love sampling white wine.
Sports too (scuba diving, skiing, and snowboarding are my absolute favourite sports), I love all those activities which pump adrenaline in my veins… so, a bit like the work we do.

My greatest luck? Having met, during the years, some wonderful people with whom I spend most of my day in the office, a wonderful family that supports me, and the deep conviction that if you do what you love, you will not work a single day of your life, I really think so.

Marina, Event Manager & Team Coordinator

Marina is Cristina’s  sister, with whom she also shares the day of birth. Marina has started working in the agency in January 2020, after having worked in two big multinational companies, which allowed her to improve her multitasking personality and her problem-solving and diplomatic skills.

“Finding effective solutions in critical situations is my daily bread and butter”, says  Marina, whose strong skills in this field are a great plus. Her proactivity, smile and that hint of magic coming from her passion for Disney make her a good-humored colleague in the office and with clients.

Her role mainly consists in developing new partnerships, implementing new projects and in planning and developing events from scratch, co-designing initiatives with our clients, supporting them in different related activities.

Her strengths are the ability to listen and understand clients’ needs and the great creativity in designing the perfect event, just as clients want it: a dream event able to find its way into people’s hearts.

Marina is a proud mother of two beautiful children, a lover of good food and for her, family is of fundamental importance.

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Ilaria, Event Manager

After many years of collaboration with the agency for secretarial activities and management of complex events with the operational room format, Ilaria decided to be part of our team!

After a Master in Industrial Design for Fashion at the Technological University of Milan, she worked in the graphic, style and communication branches for many fashion companies in which she had to sell products to foreign clients. Her job brought her to West Africa, where she lived for two years. At last, she decided to come back because ……. Milan l’é semper un gran Milan! (Milan is always the best!).

She’s earnest and well-balanced and she always tries to plan every phase of our projects into details, and she also finds a concrete solution to your problems. For these reasons, our frenetic clients don’t have to worry about anything.

She loves having daytrips with her companion and their beautiful little girl, she likes boardgame nights and costume dramas.

Lorenzo, Team & Event Coordinator

In November 2021, Lorenzo graduated in Tourism and Land Management. He then became part of our team in January 2022, after having taken part during his university to various events as steward and for secretarial activities during golf events.

Among his qualities, there are patience and organization. All these features reflect into his work method, mainly for secretarial events, where our clients appreciate his sympathy and his will to satisfy everybody’s needs.

Another important aspect is his memory: In the office, he’s known as a mini human Facebook! For any information concerning hostesses, stewards or client, we ask him. He’s a strong memory, which allows him to find the best people for the perfect event.

Lorenzo is passionate about soccer; in fact, he’s been playing it since he was 7. His love for this sport and for team playing made him develop a good team-working attitude, which is important for our human contact based agency. He often says “a group of people sharing the same goals can make the impossible!”.

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The Agency

The team of Viganotti Events is composed of media management and marketing experts, with the precise purpose of creating a group of serious, reliable and skillful people that are able to carry out the search and selection of hostesses and stewards and the operational managing of any event.
As every good planner knows well, assuring a successful implementation of the operational stage of a project is not easy. This simple truth rooted in experience stands also for the world of events: surprises can never be ruled out, and the success relies on your management and the abilities of the crew that you deploy on the field.
One of the most appreciated skills of our team is the ability to select the right people. In a market that gets more and more competitive every day, a good image is not enough. The knowledge of foreign languages, interpersonal skills, flexibility, and a good understanding of the client and its business are all skills that are more and more required.
NextEvent carries out specific and targeted training on each event and on clients’ companies so that the team on the field can be put in the condition to fulfil its tasks as effectively as possible.
Last but not least, our organization experts are able to take care of every detail in the planning and operational managing of your events directly on the field, quickly addressing glitches and problems, therefore the respect of the deadlines is guaranteed at any stage.
In this way, we’re always able to provide our customers with the value that they expect from our services of organizational and secretarial management for their fairs, exhibitions, congresses and fashion shows.

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